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About Libcox

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Libcox is an ANSI-C Library which permit cross platform system calls and standard utilities among different operating systems via a system of commands similar to the standard UNIX one and backed by the native OS API (Refer to Libcox architecture).

Think of Libcox as an embedded shell to your application (without any external process execution) where you can perform your traditional system tasks such as listing directory entries, gathering file informations, interacting with the OS regardless of the underlying operating system.

Libcox Features
Current Stable Release: 1.7.0
  • Cross platform system calls & utilities backed by native host OS API.
  • Built with over 145 commands similar to the standard UNIX one.
  • Libcox is built-up on layers using a VFS approach.
  • Libcox is a Self-Contained ANSI C library without dependency.
  • Thread safe and full re-entrant.
  • Simple, Clean and easy to use API.
  • Highly available online support.
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Libcox Programming Interfaces

Documentation describing the APIs used to program Libcox. Note that Libcox is very easy to learn, even for new programmer. Here is some useful links to look at!

A very quick introduction to programming with Libcox with C/C++ samples.

Libcox is shipped with over 145 commands. This is the complete listing.

Gives a high-level overview of the Libcox architecture and the related interfaces.

Gives an overview and roadmap to the C/C++ interface to Libcox.

This document describes each API function in details.

Get a copy of the last public release of Libcox, start embedding and enjoy programming with.

Need some help, join the Libcox online community.

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