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Libcox C/C++ API Reference - Libcox Handle

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int libcox_init(libcox **ppHandle);

Obtaining a new libcox handle.


This routine allocate and initialize a new libcox handle. The handle is usually returned in *ppHandle but, if the engine is unable to allocate memory to hold the libcox object, a NULL will be written into *ppHandle instead of a pointer to the libcox object. This routine is often the first API call that an application makes and is a prerequisite in order to play with the library.
After the freshly created handle is ready to execute on more commands via libcox_exec() or libcox_exec_fmt().



OUT: A fresh libcox handle is written into this pointer.

Return value

LIBCOX_OK is returned on success. Any other return value indicates failure.

See also

libcox_exec, libcox_release, libcox_exec_result_destroy, libcox_config.