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LibCox User Forum

Libcox Public Forum: General and technical discussions on using and troubleshooting libcox. There is no need to register in the Forum, simply enter a username and ask whatever you want.
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Custom Modification, Professional Support & Commercial Licenses By Symisc Systems

Symisc Systems, SUARL

Professional support and custom modification performed by Symisc Systems are paid services available at request. For additional information, please contact:

Symisc Systems SUARL

Proprietary, licensed Libcox extensions are available for a fixed one time fee, the available extensions are:

  • Pipeling (a la UNIX) and Advanced (ANSI C implementation) set of commands (diff, ps, sed, awk, move, etc.). 1000 $/One time fee
  • Encryption & Compression command integration into Libcox (AES128/256, Enigma, Gzip, Zip/Unzip, bz2, LZW, etc.) 2300 $/One time fee
  • Custom & Private Libcox modification.
  • Special pricing for indie developers & micro-ISV.

Contact to place an order or for additional information.

Bug Reporting, Feature Request & Contributions via Github

Libcox on Github

Libcox on Github If you want to involve in the Libcox development process, feel free to submit your contribution directly on the Libcox Github Page or send an email to

If you have/can write a binding for a foreign programming language, again post a message in the Libcox forum or send an email to

If you want to report a Libcox bug, please use the Github tracking system. When reporting a bug, you should include all information that will help us understand what's wrong, what you expected to happen and how to repeat the bad behavior. You therefore need to tell us your operating system's name and version number, libcox vresion, compile-time options such as if threading support is enabled and so forth...

Project Sponsorship

Libcox Sponsorship Program

Companies and/or individuals desiring to sponsor the ongoing development of Libcox, can request the sponsorship program. please contact us via for additional information.

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